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Calgary Photographer

My name is Curtis Comeau, I have been shooting various photographic assignments in Calgary Alberta and Western Canada for the past decade. As a Calgary photographer I work well in a team environment taking art direction from my agency contact, or working directly with a company who would like me to take control of a project. I have been fortunate to have worked with several fantastic Calgary based clients both company and agency alike, which has expanded my portfolios in several disciplines. Some of these portfolios include architecture photography, portrait photography, industrial photography and commercial photography. Please visit my website and review my work if you are seeking a photographer in any of these disciplines.

Calgary Interior Photographer

Interior photography is an art form on is own. A photographers approach to photographing an interiors is as unique as the photographer themselves. I choose to photograph interiors in Calgary using a combination of existing and ambient light. By mixing daylight and tungsten, I am ensured that the vision of the architect is not washed out by simply lighting the interior with my flash heads. At times I will use a little fill light, but more often than not I opt for photographing my interiors with natural light. Curtis Comeau's interiors have been seen in Avenue Magazine, various print publications and many mass media campaigns.

Calgary Industrial Photographer

Choosing an Calgary Industrial Photographers a challenge. Many Calgary photographers are portrait specialists, but few have experience photographing on a Job site, or an oil patch. The Calgary Industrial photographer you choose must have proper PPE including steel toes as well as must be aware of the jobsite culture. My industrial work has taken me several times to Northern Alberta to photograph for companies such as Syncrude, Shell and Albian. Please browse my Calgary Industrial Photography portfolios to view some of my work.

Calgary Photographer

Finding a Calgary Photographer who is a professional is not difficult, but finding one with the experience you need may be. Depending on what you need photographed you will have to seek out Calgary photographers who have portfolios that have images you are seeking. Working in Calgary is a pleasure for most photographers, as favorable weather conditions, scenic landscapes ensure that we can photograph year round. You will find some of Western Canada's top photographic talent is Calgary Alberta. As a Calgary photographer it's a pleasure to make your living in the Heart of the new West.

Professional Calgary Photographer

Any professional photographer in Calgary will be dedicated, creative and interactive. What separates Curtis from other Professional Calgary photographers is this ability to make sure the photographic process is seamless. Curtis will work writing a clients guidelines without sacrificing his artistic integrity. Both photographer and client need to have input into the creative process to ensure the best possible photographs can be achieved. As a professional Calgary photographer Curtis takes pride in top notch client relations and deliverables. As a Calgary professional photographer, Curtis has worked for many Calgary advertising agencies as well as various private companies who hire him directly.

Calgary Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography plays a big role in the Calgary market. With so many head offices based out of Calgary it's natural that the top talent from the advertising agency world converge into this city. A Calgary Commercial Photographer needs to work well with the creative talent to ensure the commercial images that are produced entail results that exceed the clients expectations. Curtis has worked as a Calgary Commercial Photographer for YYC - Calgary Airports and Shoppers Drug Mart.

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